Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Black Sesame Sticky Rice Balls/TangYuan

My today's post is going to be something sweet, healthy and definitely nutritious with an excellent aroma. Black sesame sticky rice balls aka Tang Yuan is a sweet, chewy dessert prepared with sticky rice flour and a simple black sesame sugar. Though preparing this sticky rice balls is bit time consuming,trust me these cute balls are almost like South Indian Paal kozhukattai aka small rice balls cooked in sweetened coconut milk or milk. If you love Paal kozhukattai, then am sure you will love this incredible rice balls. This is the first time i picked sticky glutinous rice flour from Chinese store as i never been tempted to prepare dishes with this sticky rice flour. As i told earlier, am living in Chinatown and i get chinese ingredients easily as there are couple of chinese stores around my place.

Black sesame sticky rice balls, Tang Yuan

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chinese Vegetarian Rice Congee/Brown Rice & Gai Lan Jook/Xi Fan

Congee is a savoury rice porridge which exists in many versions around the world. This dish is known as Jook by it Cantonese name, while in Chinese provinces it is known as Xi fan which means literally watery rice. This rice porridge aka congee is quite popular especially in many Asian countries and the word Congee is derived from Tamil language. Though people around the world follow different style of preparation, the final result always end as a thick porridge of rice after a long cooking process.Usually white rice is used in Cantonese congee with large amount of water until the rice breaks down as small pieces and turns thick. Often served with salted duck eggs, lettuce,pickled tofu, century eggs, meats with condiments, this dish makes an excellent meal to kick start a day.

Chinese Rice Porridge, Xi fan, Rice & Gai lan Jook

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chinese Pan Fried Baozi Buns/Chicken & Carrot Panfried Baozi

Chinese foods are our family favourite and seriously i enjoy their varieties of foods served in chinese restaurants. Am living in Chinatown and obviously i dont need to run or search for chinese ingredients, just few minutes walk i have couple of chinese stores to hunt those specific ingredients to dish their dishes easily at home. And this week is going to be some delicious chinese foods i have dished out for this week's blogging marathon as this week's theme is 'Homemade Chinese Take Away Foods'. Srivalli gave this Buzzfeed link to try our hands to make out some incredible chinese foods at home. While going through this link, most of this take away friendly chinese foods tempted me a lot, obviously i couldnt resist to give a try to this ultimate baozi buns. As an ardent fan of Chinese foods, i was literally drooling over all those beautiful dishes and seriously i was struggling to pick three delicious dishes out of those 28 dishes the link shared.

Chicken Carrot Baozi, Panfried Chinese Buns

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rajma Ola Pakoda/Rajma Ribbon Pakoda/Red Kidney Beans Ribbon Murukku

Deepavali is celebrated all over India either during the month of october or in November, but this time this festival falls on 30th ocotober, we just have two more weeks to celebrate the festival of lights.Fortunately this year, Diwali falls during weekend and obviously am so excited to prepare many savouries and sweets to celebrate this festival of lights. Though am bit tighted up with my full time job, am trying to plan to make some during the week end.and waiting eagerly for wednesday as its going to be here holidays. As like every year, i miss terribly celebrating Deepavali in India, its been almost 23years now, i always miss the fun and celebration of this festival as like every year. However its better to celebrate in our own way with some homemade savouries and sweets for the occasion.

Rajma Ola Pakoda,Rajma Ribbon Pakoda